Things to do when you feel like eating out of boredom

Eating out of boredom is pretty common. A lot of times we think we

should eat when we are bored. Most times we are just thirsty! So I’m here to share some tips on what you can do instead of eating when you are bored! 


There are so many things the list can go on but the ones mentioned above help me when I feel like eating due to boredom! What are some ways you keep from eating out of boredom?

Improve your looks!

While people might disagree on what looks beautiful, there are a few things everyone can do to improve his or her looks. Dieting, plastic surgery and similar devices are rarely necessary to becoming a model. One must simply work at staying healthy. Check out these simple tips that will help you in your goals to becoming a model!

1. Be meticulous about your personal grooming. Your skin, hair and nails should all be clean, healthy and look good at all times.
2. Learn how to dress. The right clothes can help emphasize your body’s good points and downplay the negatives.
3. Start a regular skin care regimen.
4. Learn how to apply makeup. Learning to apply your own makeup to achieve different looks is essential.
5. Eat a good diet. No, you don’t have to starve yourself down to a size zero, but you will be better off if you cut the sweets and focus on fruits and vegetables.
6. Drink plenty of water.
7. Exercise. Again, the focus is not on being thin but being in shape.
8. Get plenty of sleep. No one looks good with dark circles under his or her eyes.
9. Practice good dental hygiene. You should also stay away from cigarettes and coffee because they can turn your teeth yellow.
10. Take care of your hair.
11. Work on your posture.

How to give a MIND-BLOWING BJ!

So you all probably think I am crazy for writing this or it may be to much for those of you who cant handle sex talk but I am going to do it anyway because if you are smart enough you will read and appreciate what you have learned! Now we all know that men are suckers for blowjobs thats not even a question to ask! The reason a man loves a blowjob is because your mouth feels like a vagina with a brain! So please read on for your below the belt guide to giving him some smart lip service! If you have never seen a grown man melt TRUST me you will!


2. Be enthusiastic what really gets him going is knowing that you want his penis in your mouth! Spend more than 10 minutes down there it takes a man longer than a boiled egg to get off!

3. Never force a penis down once hes up! Putting downward pressure on his erect penis can strain the suspensory ligaments! Thats a no no. As a matter of fact let me give you some positions that will help you avoid this happening.
      CALL GIRL, 69, or LAY DOWN! Laying down can go both ways! lol

4. Cover your teeth with your lips dont treat his penis like a ear of corn and DONT play rough unless he likes it rough!

5. Start slobbering! The wetter the better if you have to keep some water by you incase you get dry mouth.

6. Dont think giving a blowjob is like soccer and that you dont have to use your hands! Play with it most men enjoy the extra stimulation! Make sure your hand is not dry either you dont want to give him carpet burn.

7. With your mouth around his penis tickle his balls with one hand using your other hand to scratch his inner thighs.

8. Use good tasting lubes! Bring out the whipped cream, chocolte syrup, honey, ice cream you know what I mean you will enjoy pleasing your man if your tasting things you like.

9. Ball play! Put his balls in your mouth suck hum a lil tune and twirl your tongue!

10. Breath through your nose a blow job doesnt mean to literally blow haha he doesnt need to feel the air come from your mouth.

11. Try the taoist twist go shallow for nine bobs and deep on the tenth and mix it up.

12. Use your tongue to do the alphabet on his wee-wee!

13. Like i said men are visual creatures leave the light on so he can see the action.

14. Suck on a breath mint to give him a tingle sensation.

Spit or Swallow???
SWALLOW!  WHY? because its low calorie and has nutrients, the vitamin e will make your skin glow and unlike spitting you can surprise him just about anywhere!

If you want to swallow without gagging, making faces or saying “yuck” check his diet too much fast food will give him a pungent taste, if hes had to much to drink as far as alcohol or coffee it may give a bad taste in your mouth.

When he is going to cum aim his penis at your cheek instead of straight back to your throat.
To Avoid gagging, dont do anything when it comes out just let it sit in your mouth before swallowing.

If your not the swallowing type of girl finish him off by hand and lick him after he cums or just get on top of him and ride him.

Remember it takes two to tango theres things he can do to you while you are pleasing him use your mind and get wild!

Now all these tips are based on my reading of the book HOW TO GIVE A MIND-BLOWING BJ by LISA SUSSMAN.

The sexy little ways to turn your man on and I guarantee your SEX willbe the best!

I honestly think FOREPLAY is the most important part of sex. Theres something about teasing that other person that turns me on! Get your man riled up and take your time when foreplaying! Grab a notepad and take some notes this is going to get interesting!

When I am in the mood to remind my man how sexy I am I start to slowly undress in front of him make sure he sees my every move from slowly sliding my pants off or taking off my shirt! I dont just go stand right in front of him but il do it where I know he will see me out of the corner of his eye that way I catch his attention and raise question in his head about what Im up to.

I dont know about your man but my man LOVES it and if you dont know you should try it and see what happens… Or if hes at work I like to send him those naughty little text messages so that he knows im waiting for him at home.
 One time we went out to eat after a photo shoot of mine and I had just bought a trench coat well I decided to wear nothing but my bra and panty garter set with my heels and as he told me to take off my coat I told him I couldnt and he was confused but when I showed him what I was wearing boy oh boy he couldnt wait home for his dessert!
Other ways to turn your man on:
Whisper freaky little things in his ear!
Get a Brazilian Wax you and him both will love it!
Perform ORAL SEX! YES SUCK HIS PENIS and not for 1 minute make it last more than 5 minutes! Make his eyes roll to the back of his head!
Get FULLY naked! None of that leaving clothes on take it off take it ALL OFF!
Give him a sexy little dance! Have fun tease him let him look and not touch!
ROLL PLAY! Get into character and pretend your porn stars or a Dr. and Nurse!
Have toys around! Let him see you have a little fun cuff his ass up and make him watch you make noise and moan! Guys are visual and aural creatures! They need to see and hear to be fully on you!
Watch a porno with him yea hes looking at a porno getting turned on but show him only YOU can keep it real and do it better!
Follow those tips and your sex life will BE FIRE and watch all the freaky things he will do to you guaranteed to keep you happy for a week haha!