Natural and Organic Skin Care and Cosmetics!

How many of you ladies struggle to find a good quality facial product?? I have tried sooooooo many products in my life some good and some ok and some BAD! As women we want to take care of our skin to look amazing! I have been using an organic skin care set that honestly makes my skin feel healthy and look flawless. So what is this amazing company I speak of?? Well its called

iQ Natural! iQ Natural is focused on certified Organic, high concentration active-naturals and holistic plant based ingredients. Products with highly effective and health driven results for over 14 years. Results that can be summed up in the vibrant, beautiful, glowing and youthful appearance your nourished skin will emanate. If you are looking to try something new TRY this line of  natural and organic ingredients!

They have a VARIETY of high quality skin care products!

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Hi guys! So with the help of

this cream and a good eating habit and workout schedule my cellulite is GONE! This is the moat effective ANTI-Cellulite cream I have ever used. I purchased it two months ago from amazon and will continue to order this product. The store owner is very professional and shipping is fast. Not to mention the results. I have tried so many products that just didn’t work. I will post my before and after pic soon so please keep checking back on this post as you will see the amazing results I got. I recommend ordering this product as soon as you can just in time for summer!


Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Care Cream Review

Hey guys! Its been a while since I did a product review but I just had to make time to tell you ladies and gentlemen about a new product I have decided to try! It is Vitamin E skin care cream by Fruit of the Earth.

COST: This cream was purchased at walmart two 4ounce jars came in one pack for 3 dollars and some change tax included. Compared to other creams and lotions I have used of higher prices ive noticed a change in my skin the first week using this particular cream. Let me remind you I am 38 weeks pregnant and my skin has stretched ALOT but ive definitely noticed my stretch marks less red than when i was using palmers coco butter.

QUALITY: I would rate this a 5 for quality because it doesn’t feel like a cheap cream. It is very thick and creamy but absorbs very quickly on the body and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky or nasty.
The smell is phenomenal! After using this I don’t think I will ever spend my money on the overpriced name brand lotions.
All in all if your looking for something that will moisturize,sooth and protect your skin this is the product for you and the unbeatable price makes this even better!!

Please if anyone else tries it let me know how it goes for you! I would love to hear if it works well for you skin or even if it doesn’t let me know what does I may want to try that as well!

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Improve your looks!

While people might disagree on what looks beautiful, there are a few things everyone can do to improve his or her looks. Dieting, plastic surgery and similar devices are rarely necessary to becoming a model. One must simply work at staying healthy. Check out these simple tips that will help you in your goals to becoming a model!

1. Be meticulous about your personal grooming. Your skin, hair and nails should all be clean, healthy and look good at all times.
2. Learn how to dress. The right clothes can help emphasize your body’s good points and downplay the negatives.
3. Start a regular skin care regimen.
4. Learn how to apply makeup. Learning to apply your own makeup to achieve different looks is essential.
5. Eat a good diet. No, you don’t have to starve yourself down to a size zero, but you will be better off if you cut the sweets and focus on fruits and vegetables.
6. Drink plenty of water.
7. Exercise. Again, the focus is not on being thin but being in shape.
8. Get plenty of sleep. No one looks good with dark circles under his or her eyes.
9. Practice good dental hygiene. You should also stay away from cigarettes and coffee because they can turn your teeth yellow.
10. Take care of your hair.
11. Work on your posture.