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We want to help you take your relationship to the next level! It’s time to meet the family and friends and be part of their life!   Have you been in an online relationship for a while, but never met in person? Have you been in a whirlwind online relationship for the past few years? Are there things in your past that you haven’t admitted? Have you decided that now is the time to meet no matter what? With video chatting, extensive phone calls and texting, long distance relationships go longer than they should. Enough is enough it’s time to meet your significant other and bring your relationship to the next level. Let us help you meet your online love. Don’t let this once in a life time opportunity pass you by! 
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This web series will have you HOOKED!

This new web series is hot! You will be hooked once you start watching it! So the main man in this web series is….

Well you will soon find out the answer once you watch the series and follow the life of socially deficient Derek Price as he stumbles through his transformation into  a hot commodity for women.   

As a matter of fact take a look for yourself..