Honest Reviews on Kitchen Appliances!

What do you do when your JUICER or any of your Kitchen appliances break??

I recently came

across this dilema when my juicer gave up on me! We all know I am a big fanatic on juicing for 
health and weight loss! Well I needed an honest opinion from people who own different appliances! I 
came across this website called  http://www.kitchenvoice.com/
This site offers UNBIASED reviews on everyday kitchen appliances! The website is user friendly 
and the layout is very professional so I feel very comfortable using this site to research different 
Check it out!

Exclusively for Entertainment Professionals…

The IndieCrowdFunder platform was

built exclusively for entertainment professionals, as they bridge the gap between investor and filmmaker allowing the ability to have equity and/or reward-based crowd funding for projects. So, instead of having to keep track (and ensure the delivery) of how many t-shirts, DVDs and posters you have to fulfill, you can now offer equity ownership in your project and utilize our “Equity Concierge” service to auto-generate the necessary government required forms and investor documents.

To Learn more please visit: http://www.indiecrowdfunder.com/

M$MD…Urban Wear With a Force and Passion…

I‘m always on the look out for the hottest fashion and Urban Gear out there. Whether its to work out or just chill I like my gear to be hot! M$MD is a…

clothing brand I came across that caught my eye. The clean style and how professional this site is sparked my interest to share with you guys (my readers). 

I support dedicated, hard working individuals such as the CEO of M$MD and encourage you to support as well.  

Most Items are ON SALE so get them NOW!

I GUARANTEE you will have people wondering where you got that fresh fit from! (and of course you can share and tell them you got it from M$MD)

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Contact : info@jblazeofficial.com

“M$MD (Monkey $ee Monkey Do) receives its name based on the Ideology of Faith, Determination, and Perseverance. M$MD was formed in 2012 as an extension of Johnny Erasme’s, aka JBLAZE, line of work. Through hard work, determination, and consistency, Johnny Erasme soon realized that putting a picture of what success is in front of him, and never letting go of that image, he can pursue his dream, hence MONKEY $EE MONKEY DO, with the crown in the logo demonstrating YOU are in control, the dollar sign in the $EE signifying success, and the bowtie representing honor and integrity.
In Johnny’s line of work, he determined that clothing is another avenue for him to spread his message of having faith in your talent and pursuing your passion. M$MD is about urban wear, demonstrating a force in a cultural environment.
M$MD cannot ignore the incredible support of family and friends. However, you, the customers are the one who make M$MD what it is today and it will continue to grow with your support and by spreading the word. M$MD is looking forward to the next chapter as it continues to evolve in a forever changing fashion.”

User Friendly Photo Editor….

Hey guys! We all like to

spice up our pics in one form or another well at least I know I do. I like cool filters and just making my pictures look their best! I used to use a site to make the colors on my pictures “POP” but that site is no longer around and it left me without the cool effects I loved to use. There’s only so much Facebook can do. So I started searching the web and asking friend on my social networks what site they use! 3 out of 5 people shared a professional user friendly website with me. You don’t have to have special design skills or any of that inconvenient stuff that comes with most sites. HEY you don’t even have to sign up and create a membership! Did I mention it is FREE??? Most sites charge a fee whether it is a one time fee or a monthly fee. Who doesn’t like free stuff?? This site makes life easier and pictures look better. I’m down with that! (LOL) Well I used the site to test it out and these are the results I got! 

Pretty cool huh??

Edit your pics here : http://www.picturetopeople.org/

New Online Boutique…

Hey heyyyy everyone!! So I was looking for waist trainers because
I lost quite a few inches with my first one so need something smaller. I came across this amazing site that has waist trainers and its actually a new site so im all about giving my business to new up and coming shops! I messages the owner of the site and she contacted me promptly answering all my questions and made me feel so comfortable to order with her!

Check her site out you wont regret it!