SAUCEY ALCOHOL DELIVERY…..Because you deserve it!

I am the type of person who will pay for convenience! If it makes life easier and less stressful I am that chick who will throw dollar dollar bills! Ive tried a few delivery apps and I am absolutely amazed with

SAUCEY!!! If you’re wondering what the hell Saucey is well let me explain as short and sweet as I can… It is an alcohol delivery app! Yep you got it! An app that delivers your favorite alcoholic beverages. Its a premium top notch company and I totally love the style of the company! Did I mention Channing Tatum partnered with Saucey for his new Vodka Born and Bred. Channing Tatum himself delivered to some lucky Saucey customers. You may have some questions but I’m going to explain the basics.

Of course you must be 21 and older to use the app as Saucey does scan and check to make sure you are of legal drinking age. 

How does Saucey work?

It’s sooooo easy to order with Saucey!

First, place an order from their app you can download it in your app store or Play Store!

Your courier will then prepare the order and deliver it to you within an hour! Most customers receive their order in about 30 minutes.

If an item is out of stock, they contact you directly with alternative recommendations.

Hours of Operation?

The most common hours are:

Mon-Thur: 12pm-11pm

Fri & Sat: 12pm-1am
Sun: 12pm-10pm

Next time you need an alcohol delivery straight to your door step use Saucey! You won’t be disappointed! Click HERE for $10.00 Off your first saucey order! 

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Veteran Owned Custom Screen Printing Company

Hey guys! As ive been working on a new business venture that I am VERY passionate about I started to think of ways I could promote besides the usual
Facebook Twitter Instagram social network marketing. I came across an awesome screen printing company based out of Cali! They produce some of the hottest printed products on the market! Why not use yourself as a marketing tool and print your company on a shirt??? Let the world see how proud you are of your company,school,business etc! Get your shirts printed by SUA SPONTE DESIGN LLC! You wont regret it!

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Best supplement site EVER..Order today and get 10% Off your order

We all know how much I love working out and trying new supplements! I am excited to introduce a new site to get your supplements from its called

MASSFLEX Nutrition is an online provider of nutritional supplements for ALL workout, Body Building and Sports enthusiasts. They have a wide variety of the best products on the market. They offer competitive prices and free shipping!

They strive to provide the best knowledge about quality products at affordable prices!

They have earned a customer right here and you should shop with them as well.

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How to get sweet revenge on someone….

The answer is SIMPLE! Visit

“Let’s face it we all know someone that has lied, cheated, betrayed, made fun of or messed with our lives.  
For these unique individuals there’s really one word … and only one word … that describes them.  

Yes. Most of us have encountered a dick or two in our lives (or if we’re lucky a few more). 
  • the dick who lied to you
  • the dick who cheated on you
  • the dick in the office who thinks he knows everything
  • a best friend that’s a total dick
  • the dick who thinks he is always right
  • the dick who pissed you off
  • the dick in the office who is a brown noser …
So at Woody’s Box, we don’t send flowers, we send anonymous gummy baby or other kind of DICK candy in a box … to  the people that have managed to earn that title of DICK in your life,  screw you over or treat you like shit or to whom you think it would be funny to send a dick.  
OK so we are are a little sarcastic … but lets face it,  there are certain people that have earned the right – or is it a privilege? –  to receive a dick in the mail!
How’s it work?
1.  Select the gift for your target
2.  We will process your order and send it 
3.  The package will contain your selection and an anonymous message that we can personalize for you.  Your identity will be anonymous.  The only item in the package aside from the treat is a short message.
  • Eat these dicks
  • Bite these 
  • Enjoy sucking on these dicks
That’s it.  A sweet and simple conveyance of feelings.   Let’s face it, it’s a start.  You’ll get it off your chest … you will feel better.  They’ll have know idea who sent it.”
They have a VARIETY of dicks to choose from!