Gym Playlist!

If you are a fitness freak like myself I’m almost sure you sit and shuffle your most favorite songs to get you through the workout! I mean of course sometimes I listen to motivational podcasts but I’m being honest here a go hard playlist can make the workout seem quicker and make you chase that pump a little harder. I am an Apple Music type of gal, although there’s nothing wrong with Spotify or Pandora my preference is definitely Apple Music. So I want to share

my most recent Play list with you guys! I wont type out all of the songs but I hope my screen shots work and can give your playlist a little twist. What kind of music gets you through your workout? Don’t be shy! Share your songs with me in the comments below!
 Let’s build an endless workout playlist for these killer workouts we do!


Hot new Artist of the week!

I was thinking of changing stuff up a little on this site and I think I will. I would like to start doing weekly artist features to promote great talent! I don’t care if you rap, sing, model, as long as your great at something I want to help with promoting your work! With that being said I came across
an artist that caught my attention from the beat of his song to the lyrics and visuals this artist is HOT!

He goes by the name of Rex The Rager straight out of Wilmington, Delaware! With his hot new song titled “Tropical” I think it hits home with alot of different personalities! It’s a diverse song but definitely for all my smokers out there who like to chill and vibe!

So lets Let’s get TROPICAL and make this the summers “Smokers Anthem”. #RSTD

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What are the best headphones to use when working out?

Hey everyone with the launch of my new Fitness site I have been doing some major research for the best headphones to use when your going to have a HARDCORE workout! I came across
some headphones that seem pretty damn cool! They are sleek and exactly what a person who runs or lifts weights needs. These are light weight headband sport headphones that let your ears breath and don’t fall out like ear buds when you get sweaty. They stay cool when your hot hot hot!!! These headphones were featured in an article on as a PERFECT choice for athletes! I consider myself an athlete so am definitely going to purchase these!

The brand is called Sonxtonic! 

Learn more about the model of headphones here :l

Make sure to place your order TODAY! Don’t wait till they sell out!

Young Indie artist’s from New Jersey waking the Tri-state up!

Members are Riley Koyote, Johnny Blaze, and L.S. aka LoneStar

Featured Talent of the Week!

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“The Baseline” (mixtape cover attached)–the-baseline.html

“Dark All Summer” – D.A.S (mixtape cover attached)

Mixtapes are on Live Mixtapes, Audiomack, and DatPiff all available for free downloads

Music videos ( on YouTube )


“Walk With Me”

Upcoming performances:
1/30 Friday Elizabeth, Nj
***Live to Prosper Tour***