Gym Playlist!

If you are a fitness freak like myself I’m almost sure you sit and shuffle your most favorite songs to get you through the workout! I mean of course sometimes I listen to motivational podcasts but I’m being honest here a go hard playlist can make the workout seem quicker and make you chase that pump a little harder. I am an Apple Music type of gal, although there’s nothing wrong with Spotify or Pandora my preference is definitely Apple Music. So I want to share

my most recent Play list with you guys! I wont type out all of the songs but I hope my screen shots work and can give your playlist a little twist. What kind of music gets you through your workout? Don’t be shy! Share your songs with me in the comments below!
 Let’s build an endless workout playlist for these killer workouts we do!


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The countdown begins!

Let me start by saying HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!! This is my first post of the year and yes I am going to tell you about a different weight loss approach I have taken that is finally doing me justice!

I am on the clock to get back in shape I have some photo shoots coming up that I’m really excited about!!! So…

As most of us know being a mom is tough we work so hard to take care of our little ones that we kind of put ourselves last. Well I was on a low fat diet that DID now work due to me moving and school and work. So I started researching other options of what I could possibly do. I needed something that was going to give me results to motivate me! Well while shopping the isles of Walmart one night I saw these Atkins starter kits. I’ve heard of the Atkins diet but never really wanted to invest my time to learn about it. I decided why not let me read the book and see what it’s about! I read the book in one day. The next day I went to buy the foods and started my Atkins journey December 30, 2013. I must say so far I have lost 4 pounds so about a pound a day which is NOT bad at all. Even though the very first day I had the worst headache and felt somewhat ill it was worth it! I now have energy I haven’t had since before I had my daughter! I’ve been tempted to work out but am holding out until I’m done with the induction phase. I am planning to do the induction phase for a month since I want to lose about 50 pounds! Honestly if anyone is considering Atkins I say go for it! I’m not left hungry and I don’t get cravings. Who wouldn’t want to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast?? Lol if any one is reading this and has tried the Atkins diet please share your success story with me!  This is the book I read and keep with me for reference.

Headbands for Newborns and Infants!

Hello All! I have been so busy working on the opening of my online Headband shop for newborns and infants that I haven’t posted anything.
My beautiful daughter wearing a Chicago Bears headband I made.


Another Chicago Bears Headband I made…

Its always something that keeps me from posting. Anyway today I am announcing the site so that all the mommy’s to baby girls can check us out. I will be looking for mini headband models for the site sometime in the near future so stay tuned!  I do take requests for any ideas you have that want made into a head band and I also take requests for any tutorials you want demonstrated on here! That’s what I am here for. Feel free to message me or post comments with feedback or questions. I appreciate everyone who spends the time to read anything of mine!

OH almost forgot the website  Still adding some finishing touches but let me know what you guys think! 🙂