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Last week while I was working some modeling promos in Boys town I needed a way to

meet up with my friends in a VERY fast way. I needed a way that wasn’t going to drain my battery as fast as sending individual texts or Facebook-ing. So I discovered this awesome app called JoinGrid. Its a FREE app that lets you make a grid and invited your friends. The cool thing is that the grid lets your friends see where you are at! It made my night a hell of a lot easier and less stressful. If you have experienced Boys town on a nice 75 degree weather day then you know at night it can get CRAZY and with everyone using their phones the network runs slow! I am sooooo thankful for this app and encourage everyone to download it ASAP! Some good news for my iPhone users is that there will be an iPhone app available for download soon! 

My phone even had enough battery to take a selfie because this app made communicating with friend soooo much easier! We had a SOLID game plan!
To check out this awesome app download it here : 

Benefits of Organic Castor Oil….

 What do you think about when you hear or see the words “Castor Oil”?? If your anything like me you think of castor oil as a way to induce labor, but it is so much more than that especially organic Castor Oil. Let me start by telling you the about the history of Castor Oil. 


The castor oil plant (Ricinus communis) is a type of flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. It belongs to a monotypic genus, Ricinus, and subtribe, Ricininae. The evolution of castor and its relation to other species are currently being studied using modern genetic tools. It reproduces with a mixed pollination system which favor selfing by geitonogamy but at the same time can be an out-crosser by anemophily or entomophily.
Its seed is the castor bean, which, despite its name, is not a true bean. Castor is indigenous to the southeastern Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa, and India, but is widespread throughout tropical regions (and widely grown elsewhere as an ornamental plant).
Castor seed is the source of castor oil, which has a wide variety of uses. The seeds contain between 40% and 60% oil that is rich in triglycerides, mainly ricinolein. The seed also contains ricin, a water soluble toxin, which is also present in lower concentrations throughout the plant.

Castor Oil can be used for many things such as:

1. Skin Problems

2. Ringworms

3. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

4. Acne

5. Moisturiser

6. Fade Scars

7. Stretch Marks

8. Antimicrobial

10. Promotes Hair Growth

11. Thickens Eyebrows

12. Treats Scalp Infection

13. Hair Darkening

14. Constipation

15. Arthritis and Joint Pains

16. Improves Immunity

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The sexy little ways to turn your man on and I guarantee your SEX willbe the best!

I honestly think FOREPLAY is the most important part of sex. Theres something about teasing that other person that turns me on! Get your man riled up and take your time when foreplaying! Grab a notepad and take some notes this is going to get interesting!

When I am in the mood to remind my man how sexy I am I start to slowly undress in front of him make sure he sees my every move from slowly sliding my pants off or taking off my shirt! I dont just go stand right in front of him but il do it where I know he will see me out of the corner of his eye that way I catch his attention and raise question in his head about what Im up to.

I dont know about your man but my man LOVES it and if you dont know you should try it and see what happens… Or if hes at work I like to send him those naughty little text messages so that he knows im waiting for him at home.
 One time we went out to eat after a photo shoot of mine and I had just bought a trench coat well I decided to wear nothing but my bra and panty garter set with my heels and as he told me to take off my coat I told him I couldnt and he was confused but when I showed him what I was wearing boy oh boy he couldnt wait home for his dessert!
Other ways to turn your man on:
Whisper freaky little things in his ear!
Get a Brazilian Wax you and him both will love it!
Perform ORAL SEX! YES SUCK HIS PENIS and not for 1 minute make it last more than 5 minutes! Make his eyes roll to the back of his head!
Get FULLY naked! None of that leaving clothes on take it off take it ALL OFF!
Give him a sexy little dance! Have fun tease him let him look and not touch!
ROLL PLAY! Get into character and pretend your porn stars or a Dr. and Nurse!
Have toys around! Let him see you have a little fun cuff his ass up and make him watch you make noise and moan! Guys are visual and aural creatures! They need to see and hear to be fully on you!
Watch a porno with him yea hes looking at a porno getting turned on but show him only YOU can keep it real and do it better!
Follow those tips and your sex life will BE FIRE and watch all the freaky things he will do to you guaranteed to keep you happy for a week haha!