Gym Playlist!

If you are a fitness freak like myself I’m almost sure you sit and shuffle your most favorite songs to get you through the workout! I mean of course sometimes I listen to motivational podcasts but I’m being honest here a go hard playlist can make the workout seem quicker and make you chase that pump a little harder. I am an Apple Music type of gal, although there’s nothing wrong with Spotify or Pandora my preference is definitely Apple Music. So I want to share

my most recent Play list with you guys! I wont type out all of the songs but I hope my screen shots work and can give your playlist a little twist. What kind of music gets you through your workout? Don’t be shy! Share your songs with me in the comments below!
 Let’s build an endless workout playlist for these killer workouts we do!


In search of the perfect New Years Dress!

I love a New Year! It feels like a fresh start to do things different from the last. Its a chance to not make the same mistake you did before. 2012 is going to be all about glamour and making an impression and leaving my mark. I am trying to shop for the perfect dress classy but sexy! A dress that makes a statement! Every girls should get dressed and bring in the New year with glam! I mean Its party time! Go all out even if your just going work!  Here are some of my fashion tips to help you out with this New Years outfit planning!

  1. RED IS HOT! Wear something red a red cocktail dress like this would definitely make a statement!
2. Long-sleeve dresses are in as well! I personally like my dresses tight but loose dresses are in as well! they are very popular!
3. If you dont already have a BLING piece in your wardrobe get on it and buy one dont be scared to stick out! Being the center of attention isnt always bad… well the way i see it its never bad!
4. Metallics arent going out of style either!! A nice draping metallic dress would also be a show stopper!
You guys get my point Dress to impress, make people remember you and your way of dressing! I know I will and will definitely share pictures of how i look in my NYE dress!

Dazzling shoes! What more can a woman ask for?!?

So I recently came across a website called and after taking the personality quiz I fell in LOVE with the style of shoes chosen for me!

You get a personal shoe stylist and fabulous looking shoes for 39.95! Every month your credit card is charged that amount and your shoedazzling account is credited to order a new pair of shoes! Of course if you dont want to order theres no obligtation to all you do is opt to skip the month! With todays economy its always smart to save money so why not save money and look fabulous!? I ordered a pair and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive! I like really high heels and platform shoes! I will definitely keep you guys updated and do a review of the shoe and let tou know if the site is worth it or not, but meanwhile take a look at the shoe i ordered and give it a try yourself!

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The pupil dilates 45% when looking at something beautiful….Make yourself LOOK and Feel Beautiful!

Every girl or woman should have a beauty routine!  I have one and I follow it to the T. A beauty routine is…

a list of things a girl follows to take care of herself and enhance her appearance! If you dont have one GET ONE! It really bothers me to see women let themselves go! Its not hard to keep up with yourself your a woman you deserve to be pampered! My routine consist of getting a mani/pedi, eyebrows,brazilian wax and a hair cut/blowdry about 3 times a month. Its that simple! Yes it gets expensive but investing in yourself is the BEST thing you can do! Have your boyfriend or husband or babydaddy invest in you if you dont want to invest in yourself! Those are things I do frequently every two months I go to the salon to get a facial and massage taking care of your skin as well should be on your routine! I use Nuetrogena facial products becuase I tend to break out alot! Neutrogena helps and I reccomend it if you have blemishes or problem skin! Invest in good quality makeup! At the moment I have 2 main makeup brands I use when im not using my fabulous airbrush system and they are M.A.C and Clinique! If you cant afford it I would reccomend Revlon, but use something to enhance your beauty. It will make you feel sexy and boost your confidence! Also eating right and working out should be part of your routine. How do you expect to feel good and look good for your man when your eating fast food and packing on the pounds? Eat lighter and be more active! STOP BEING LAZY! Come on ladies its going to be a new year! Set goals to improve yourself. If your always stressed take time to do something you enjoy for atleast 30 minutes out of your day. My routine may be different than yours so please share yours with me. What does your beauty routine consist of?