The Ultimate Vacation Packing List

It’s that time of year…..VACATION TIME!! This year we have opted to travel within the US and will be traveling to

Miami, Florida! Ahhh The last time I was in Miami was back in 2012 as a young wild and free hot thang haha. We truly had an amazing time and this time around it will be a vacation for my family and I. HEY that doesn’t mean I can’t bring sexy back right?!!! Ha ha ha let me stay on track here the point of this post is to be as helpful as possible and share my packing list with you guys! Packing is truly one of my favorite parts of traveling, but it can be somewhat stressful when you’re packing for more than just yourself! When packing for your trip think about or try to picture what you’ll be doing. For example, I see myself waking up in 80 degree weather doing a KICK ass HIIT workout and being a beach bunny until the sun goes down then maybe a nice dinner or something to dress up for and enjoy a night on the town at a kid friendly place. As I’ve gained experience traveling I must say traveling light is key! I try to choose pieces that mix and match and pretty much serve a double purpose.

1. Face Wash 
2. Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss
3. Soap/Body Wash
4. Shampoo/Conditioner
5. Razor/Shaving Cream
6.Sunscreen/Lip Balm with spf 15
7. Body Lotion
8. Tanning Lotion/Aloe Vera
11. Hair Dryer/Flat Iron
12. Deodorant 
14. Birth Control
15. Aspirin/ Pain relief medicine
16. Feminine Hygiene Products
17. Glasses/Contact lenses and Contact Solution
For those Beach/Pool Days
1. Flip Flops or Comfy Sandals (ones that you don’t mind getting wet or filled with sand)
2. Towel
3.Cover Up/Tunic
4. Shorts
5. Tank Tops
6. Beach Bag
8. Sunglasses
9.Hair Ties
10. Portable Music player (if you’re into listening to music on the beach)

Day Clothing/Sight Seeing/Evening  
1. Underwear/Bras
2. Comfortable walking shoes/workout shoes
3. Workout Clothes/ Leggings and Workout Tanks
4. Shorts/Tank Tops
5. Rain Jacket
6. Dressy Sandals
7. High Heels
8.Sexy Dresses
9. Pajamas
10. Evening Purse

For the Kids
1. Shorts
2. Tank Tops/T-shirts
3. Comfortable Sandals and Shoes
4. Tablet or Ipad to keep them entertained as soon as they get bored from the non tech stuff you will be doing
5. Socks/Underwear/Under Shirts/ Pajamas
6. Tooth brush/Tooth paste ( The kid toothpaste that they like)
7. Brush (of course you can use yours that your already taking)
In your carry on bag you want to take of course chargers for your phone/camera/iPad/laptop if traveling with one. A coloring book or activity book for the plane is also a great way to keep your little one entertained. I like to read a book from my iPad or watch Netflix if the flight offers WIFI. I do plan on traveling with a stroller and booster seat for the car rental. Do not forget your important travel documents such as Itineraries, State ID/Driver License/Passport. If you can email yourself a copy of a photo of these just incase thats also a great idea. I always get to the airports super early so I can relax before boarding the plane and make sure my little one is comfy. Ive been traveling with her since she was an infant and she is used to the travel process but for first time parents it can seem a bit daunting. TRUST me its not so bad and once you get through this flight you will want to travel more with your little one. Also a lollipop is great for younger kids as the plane takes off so they are more distracted from the ear pressure. All in all this is my packing list and advice for traveling feel free to suggest any other tips that make your traveling easier!

Sexy Club Dresses… A new way to style the hottest dresses ever!

Hey ladies! So we all know how tough it can be to need an outfit but not have all the cash to splurge on that one dress that we can’t afford. The cash is tight and we need to look right! So here is a great solution I cam across that will help us all! Its like a “netflix” for sexy night club dresses! YES sexy dresses! How awesome would it be to be able to rent a sexy night club dress that you see as the latest fashion?? I think it would be pretty cool and we all know that I am the queen of getting dressed up sexy!
I mean a lot of celebrities do it why can’t we??

Lets help this company grow their wardrobe! Any donations count! The link is

In efforts to find something to wear to my Kevin Hart event I came across an amazing business that is in the making!  I love how easy it will be to use:
once the site is ready you’ll choose your dress, rent it, party in it, stick it back in the pre-stamped envelope and throw it in the mail. Then you rinse and repeat!  Its that simple
How you can get involved:
  • We need to know what you like so that we can buy the right gear.  Take a few minutes to check out and leave some feedback at our rating site: (That’s sort of like a pun on “Ware”-house and “wear” clothes. Get it?) We are posting 100 dresses at a time and getting feedback on what the most popular looks are right now.
  • How many of you have ever thought about modeling as a career? We need beta models, testers, brand ambassadors and people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Our inventory is from all around the world, and we need to figure out what works on American club goers.  We need models in our beta test to say what’s awesome and what’s not. Email us at for more information.
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