2013 Top Halloween Costumes for Newborns!

Halloween is just around the corner and you have a new baby to dress up but NO clue what to dress him or her up as. That might be a problem! Not to worry these ideas might help guide you down the right path to dressing your baby up this Halloween and making it a memorable first!
If your anything like me I like to match costumes with my husband every year its been a tradition for us to do a his and hers costume but this year having a new baby really put my creativity to the test. So il start with my top 3 family costume ideas.

1. The Flinstones

If your a family of three this is my most FAVORITE costume idea ever! If you have a baby girl of course she would be pebbles your significant other would be Fred Flinstone and you would be Wilma. If you have a baby boy perhaps your family can be the Rubble family he can be BAM BAM you can be Betty Ruble and your significant other Barney Rubble. This is the costume I chose for my family to be this year and im so excited to post pictures!

2. The wizard of Oz

Coming in at number 2 on my list is The wizard of Oz. Your new baby can be the little lion you can be Dorothy your significant other can be the scarecrow and if you are a family of four even better someone can be the tin man. This costume idea has endless possibilities and is diverse enough for each member of your family perhaps even make your mother in law the wicked witch of the wegunst and your mother the good witch of the north or vice versa hahaha totally joking!

3.Toy Story

Again this costume idea can fit a family of 3 to 9+! If I were dressing my family up as Toy Story I would choose to be Bo Peep my newborn a little lamb and my husband woody but the choice is totally yours. This is what I live about Halloween, you can get so creative and be original!

NEXT im going to list my top 3 costumes for those of you who just want to dress your newborn up.

For Girls

1. Venellope from Wrek it Ralph
I fell in love with this character watching this movie and know this costume idea would be absolutely adorable!

2.Baby Snow White or any of the Disney Princesses in a baby version would be cute!

3.Baby Tinkerbell

For Boys


2. Baby Lion

3.Baby Superman

In search of the perfect New Years Dress!

I love a New Year! It feels like a fresh start to do things different from the last. Its a chance to not make the same mistake you did before. 2012 is going to be all about glamour and making an impression and leaving my mark. I am trying to shop for the perfect dress classy but sexy! A dress that makes a statement! Every girls should get dressed and bring in the New year with glam! I mean Its party time! Go all out even if your just going work!  Here are some of my fashion tips to help you out with this New Years outfit planning!

  1. RED IS HOT! Wear something red a red cocktail dress like this would definitely make a statement!
2. Long-sleeve dresses are in as well! I personally like my dresses tight but loose dresses are in as well! they are very popular!
3. If you dont already have a BLING piece in your wardrobe get on it and buy one dont be scared to stick out! Being the center of attention isnt always bad… well the way i see it its never bad!
4. Metallics arent going out of style either!! A nice draping metallic dress would also be a show stopper!
You guys get my point Dress to impress, make people remember you and your way of dressing! I know I will and will definitely share pictures of how i look in my NYE dress!