Protein Pancake Recipe!

Protein Pancakes
If you’re  anything of a fitness freak/enthusiast or just someone who is always looking for new recipes to try I have

the perfect morning starter for you! The other morning I was thinking of something easy and healthy to make and had a craving for pancakes! I said to myself “OK, Im trying to eat healthy here.” I began to look up different recipes and made one to cater to my fitness needs/goals. Take a look and try this yummy recipe for yourself! You won’t regret it!

2 scoops of Vanilla Protein Powder
1 Large Banana
1/8 tsp of Cinnamon
1/4 tsp of Baking Soda
1/4 tsp of Salt
2 Eggs

Add One Scoop of Protein to your egg whites

This is how it should look ones they are mixed together
Ingredients I used

Coconut oil to prevent pancakes from sticking!
Did you try this recipe? Let me know what you think!

Hello Fresh Review

HelloFresh is an international meal delivery company with a presence in the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Canada. I ordered a family meal package and had it delivered Tuesday. At first I was

not to sure if I was going to like the food they sent but was eager to try it. My meal box arrived and I unwrapped it. The food was well packaged and I like how they put the two ice pack sheets in the box to make sure the meat didn’t go bad. I unboxed my package and put it away in my fridge. The next day I finally got up and prepared my first meal, which was mini meatloaves, red cabbage and sweet potato wedges. The recipes were super easy to follow and WOW the cook time was less than 35 minutes! I was amazed at how delicious everything came out. Hello Fresh sends you everything you need to make the meals from the produce and meat down to the seasoning. Take a look at my cooking photos:

I absolutely LOVE the idea of this company and will continue to order! Try it out and use my code for 40.00 off your first box! You cancel or skip weeks anytime and its all easily done through an app on your phone. Let me know what recipes you try or are your fave!

More photos of my second meal:

ATEAZ Organic Tea and Coffee…

Organic tea doesn’t have

synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Organic tea agriculture sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people! I’m sure we all know the health benefits Organic products have for our bodies. I am a tea drinker and I honestly feel like I need tea in my life to detox my body and rid of all the toxins! Not only that but tea does relax me and help me sleep better. It boosts my energy and has soooo many other great qualities I can go on and on and brag about but I wont. I want you to try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Purchase your organic tea or coffee here :
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Ateaz Organic Tea and Coffee carries all organic products from all around the world and have over 2000 reviews!

You are going to LOVE this tea or Coffee! 
Leave me your reviews in the comments below!

Benefits of Organic Castor Oil….

 What do you think about when you hear or see the words “Castor Oil”?? If your anything like me you think of castor oil as a way to induce labor, but it is so much more than that especially organic Castor Oil. Let me start by telling you the about the history of Castor Oil. 


The castor oil plant (Ricinus communis) is a type of flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. It belongs to a monotypic genus, Ricinus, and subtribe, Ricininae. The evolution of castor and its relation to other species are currently being studied using modern genetic tools. It reproduces with a mixed pollination system which favor selfing by geitonogamy but at the same time can be an out-crosser by anemophily or entomophily.
Its seed is the castor bean, which, despite its name, is not a true bean. Castor is indigenous to the southeastern Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa, and India, but is widespread throughout tropical regions (and widely grown elsewhere as an ornamental plant).
Castor seed is the source of castor oil, which has a wide variety of uses. The seeds contain between 40% and 60% oil that is rich in triglycerides, mainly ricinolein. The seed also contains ricin, a water soluble toxin, which is also present in lower concentrations throughout the plant.

Castor Oil can be used for many things such as:

1. Skin Problems

2. Ringworms

3. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

4. Acne

5. Moisturiser

6. Fade Scars

7. Stretch Marks

8. Antimicrobial

10. Promotes Hair Growth

11. Thickens Eyebrows

12. Treats Scalp Infection

13. Hair Darkening

14. Constipation

15. Arthritis and Joint Pains

16. Improves Immunity

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Hi guys! So with the help of

this cream and a good eating habit and workout schedule my cellulite is GONE! This is the moat effective ANTI-Cellulite cream I have ever used. I purchased it two months ago from amazon and will continue to order this product. The store owner is very professional and shipping is fast. Not to mention the results. I have tried so many products that just didn’t work. I will post my before and after pic soon so please keep checking back on this post as you will see the amazing results I got. I recommend ordering this product as soon as you can just in time for summer!


Quick and Easy Shrimp Taco Recipe!

Ive learned to LOVE eating healthy! You are what you eat! Theres nothing wrong with splurging once in a while but 99.9 percent of the time you have to work for what you want. In this case im a new mom working toward my sizzling summer body! I want a nice fat ass and small stomach haha jk I want to look lean and feel good about myself. I want to try on that sexy dress and say “HELL YEA I look good!” I want to be able to show up to my daughters school and not have her embarrassed that her mom is chubby or that I dont have the energy to keep up with her activities! Any way back to the topic ahhh my shrimp tacos.

So what I did was
purchase a bag of frozen cooked shrimp, some limes, pico de gallo from Tonys Finer food already prepared and some wheat tortillas only 100 calories each. 
Prep time: 15 Min
When I got home I let a handful of shrimp thaw out and rinsed them. Once they thawed out I cut them up into tiny pieces like this :

I then cut the limes in half 
And squeezed them onto the shrimp 
Then I mixed the shrimp in with the pico de gallo.
And WALA! You have your main taco ingredients to put onto your healthy wheat tortillas. 

Green Machine Juicing Recipe

Yesterday evening I decided to do a 3 day Juice diet to cleanse myself of all the toxic foods I indulged over the holidays! This morning I started with
a simple green machine juice! I was not sure how it would taste because I added Broccoli! Well I must say it was delicious!

I made this Juice using the ingredients in the picture and a Juicer Machine.
To make this you will need:
1. 1 Broccoli Stalk
2. 1 Large Pear
3. 1 Green Apple
4. 4 Celery Stalks
Make sure to wash your veggies and fruit I always run mine under water and rinse them. 

I purchased mason jars and actually find them useful for juicing. I used a mason jar to drink my Juice from. I like the mason jar because it gives more room for your juice. 
Here is my ending result :
There are so many benefits to Juicing! 
Broccoli has phytonutrients and anti-oxidants. This helps boost our defense mechanisms and stimulates production of antibodies to fight cancer!
Pears are a wonderful source of water-soluble fiber. They have vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, folate and niacin. It is also rich in copper, phosphorus and potassium, with lesser amounts of calcium, chlorine, iron, magnesium, sodium and sulfur. The pectin in pears is diuretic and have a mild laxative effect. Drinking pear juice regularly helps regulate bowel movements.