Sexy Club Dresses… A new way to style the hottest dresses ever!

Hey ladies! So we all know how tough it can be to need an outfit but not have all the cash to splurge on that one dress that we can’t afford. The cash is tight and we need to look right! So here is a great solution I cam across that will help us all! Its like a “netflix” for sexy night club dresses! YES sexy dresses! How awesome would it be to be able to rent a sexy night club dress that you see as the latest fashion?? I think it would be pretty cool and we all know that I am the queen of getting dressed up sexy!
I mean a lot of celebrities do it why can’t we??

Lets help this company grow their wardrobe! Any donations count! The link is

In efforts to find something to wear to my Kevin Hart event I came across an amazing business that is in the making!  I love how easy it will be to use:
once the site is ready you’ll choose your dress, rent it, party in it, stick it back in the pre-stamped envelope and throw it in the mail. Then you rinse and repeat!  Its that simple
How you can get involved:
  • We need to know what you like so that we can buy the right gear.  Take a few minutes to check out and leave some feedback at our rating site: (That’s sort of like a pun on “Ware”-house and “wear” clothes. Get it?) We are posting 100 dresses at a time and getting feedback on what the most popular looks are right now.
  • How many of you have ever thought about modeling as a career? We need beta models, testers, brand ambassadors and people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Our inventory is from all around the world, and we need to figure out what works on American club goers.  We need models in our beta test to say what’s awesome and what’s not. Email us at for more information.
  • How would you like to get a discount for sharing this page on Instagram or in a Facebook status? There’s a $5 in-store credit if you tag us to your post!
Lets Make this the HOTTEST go-to site for your upcoming events!

Coupons, Coupons and MORE Coupons!!!

Hi guys!!!

 I’m so excited to tell you all about a website I found while surfing the web. Who doesn’t love saving money? Any chance I get I am online searching for discounts and coupon codes. The website I discovered is

Vouchersky! It spares no efforts to provide you with the opportunity to get all the great vouchers and discounts and have a large sum of money saved when you shop online.  I found some great beauty and fashion deals just in time for the extensive amount of holiday shopping I have to get done.
The link of the site is listed so you can come across these beauty and fashion deals as well!

Here are some of the FAQ people want to know about the site:

How do I find new voucher codes?

If you know what you need, or know the name of the online shop that sells the products you are looking for, then simply enter the information you have got and search for the products or shops using our search box.

I have found the shop selling what I need, whats next?

We have dedicated pages with detailed reviews about the online shops and the products they sell online. Once you have opened a store review page, you can scroll further down the review and you may discover what voucher codes or deal is available at the time from the retailer.

I cant find the voucher codes?

When retailer is offering voucher codes, the codes are usually displayed underneath the store review text, containing the voucher code description, expiry and a button with a link which says show voucher and visit site. Click on the button and it should reveal the voucher code and open the retailer website in a new window.

I still cant find the voucher I am looking for?

If you can’t find the voucher you are searching in the store where you want to shop, there is possiblity that the retailer does not have a current voucher code. You should either look for an alternative shop or contact us and tell about the products you are intended.

Are there any other names for voucher codes?

voucher codes are also referred to as, promotional codes, coupon codes, promo codes, discount codes, money off vouchers, e-voucher codes and shopping codes. If you think we have missed any other terms then do shoot us an email and we will update it with your name on our website.

What are free delivery offers and offers?

Besides the voucher codes we also update the latest free delivery offers and offers available at the leading online shops. There is no need for you to have a voucher code to enjoy the both offers. You should simply follow the link provided in the deal and it will take you to the right page where you can avail the offer and enjoy savings.

Is it okay to use an expiring or ending deal?

Yes, its absolutely alright to use an ending soon deal as long as it is still available for a shot while.

My voucher code does not work?

We do what we can do to ensure that all voucher codes are displayed correctly on our website with correct expiry dates, but if you still find a valid voucher code not getting accepted on a retailers checkout then you can write to us and we will try our best to help you solve the problem.

Can I use these vouchers in a high street store?

No, unfortunately the vouchers displayed on our website are only valid in online retailers until and unless there are extra description saying that they can also work in high street shops.


In search of the perfect New Years Dress!

I love a New Year! It feels like a fresh start to do things different from the last. Its a chance to not make the same mistake you did before. 2012 is going to be all about glamour and making an impression and leaving my mark. I am trying to shop for the perfect dress classy but sexy! A dress that makes a statement! Every girls should get dressed and bring in the New year with glam! I mean Its party time! Go all out even if your just going work!  Here are some of my fashion tips to help you out with this New Years outfit planning!

  1. RED IS HOT! Wear something red a red cocktail dress like this would definitely make a statement!
2. Long-sleeve dresses are in as well! I personally like my dresses tight but loose dresses are in as well! they are very popular!
3. If you dont already have a BLING piece in your wardrobe get on it and buy one dont be scared to stick out! Being the center of attention isnt always bad… well the way i see it its never bad!
4. Metallics arent going out of style either!! A nice draping metallic dress would also be a show stopper!
You guys get my point Dress to impress, make people remember you and your way of dressing! I know I will and will definitely share pictures of how i look in my NYE dress!

Dazzling shoes! What more can a woman ask for?!?

So I recently came across a website called and after taking the personality quiz I fell in LOVE with the style of shoes chosen for me!

You get a personal shoe stylist and fabulous looking shoes for 39.95! Every month your credit card is charged that amount and your shoedazzling account is credited to order a new pair of shoes! Of course if you dont want to order theres no obligtation to all you do is opt to skip the month! With todays economy its always smart to save money so why not save money and look fabulous!? I ordered a pair and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive! I like really high heels and platform shoes! I will definitely keep you guys updated and do a review of the shoe and let tou know if the site is worth it or not, but meanwhile take a look at the shoe i ordered and give it a try yourself!

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