Hi guys! So when I heard about these immature little girls and their little racist video
I did not pay any attention to it but after seeing their apology video I want to know what your guys opinion is about the video. Do you guys think they are genuinely apologizing or did half the country scare the shit out of them enough to just make them apologize?? I personally think they still deserve an ass whooping but karma is a bi*ch and every dog has their day!  In the video they claim they didnt know what they where doing and that they are not racist! HAHAAHA YEAH RIGHT! I think this was a HORRIBLE cry for attention! Once your old enough to wipe you own ass your old enough to understand between right and wrong and they were clearly WRONG!
I think this is the sorriest ass kissing video EVER! This video is just saying please dont whoop my ass if you see me because they are out numbered!  Latinos are not going anywhere illegal or not! Everyone is equal!


  1. Anonymous says:

    fake as anything ever was. they do not show any real regret of what they have done.and saying they wont give up who they are is more insult to injury.once you profess a racist emotion it wil always be there. sorry jus wont cut it!


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